Safety Notice


• We are urging parents to use the parking in front of the school as a drop off point for children and to move away promptly in order to leave the space free for other cars. We hope that this will some way alleviate the very serious traffic congestion during peak times. Once children enter the schools grounds they must not go out the gate again.

• Parents are asked not to use the teacher’s car park. Children should not enter or exit the school via the teacher’s car park.

• Pupils should not be present in the school yard before 9.10am.

• Pupils should be present on the yard and ready to line up as soon as the bell rings. Late arrival is disruptive and impinges on learning of other students in the classroom.

• No cycling is allowed on school grounds at any time. Bicycles must be parked in the bicycle shed. Children must walk with their bicycle from front gate to bicycle shed and vice versa.