Fifth Class

Below are some reports from students in the Fifth and Sixth classes about field trips.

S.O.S   2011
Evan Keogh

6th class went to St. Joseph’s hall in Eden Derry on the 1st of June 2011. We learned about S.O.S, which means stepping over to secondary. We travelled on a bus.

When we got to St. Josephs hall there were two people waiting for us. Their names were Eilish and Cathy; they showed us into St. Josephs hall where we would be doing the S.O.S.

We then met three more people named Gerry, Jenny and Kevin who were going to help us with the S.O.S. They gave us labels to write our names on. Gerry got us to help him make a contract that we all had to sign even the adults, to get through the day. We got a pen and a piece of paper and wrote the good, good and bad, and the bad things about secondary school.  After that we went out onto the Astroturf to play a game of soccer, our team won!

After that we discussed a text message that a bully sent to a pupil saying that he/she was going to beat him/her up at 3pm. We played another game that we had to burst each other balloons it was great fun!

We then had our lunch and went out outside for more games.

We went back to the board and looked over all the work we did during the day then Gerry went back to the contract and asked us did we all, even him stick to the contract and we all said “YES”. We played a game called “Are you coming to my party” and we all got to go. Then we played one last game called “ someone famous”.

Finally, we all got refreshments and we said a big thank you to Gerry, Kevin, Cathy, Jenny and Eilish. All of us got onto the bus and got back to the school at about 4pm. We all had fun and learned a lot about secondary school at the SOS.

Brian Boru – Spin Doctor’s Account!
Brandon Scally

The two armies came together with a crash of iron and the screams of Brian Boru as he hit his toe on a rock.  Thousands of men laughed as he cried like a little girl.  On that winter’s morning in the little village of Rhode in the year of our lord 2011 the warriors of Offaly gave Ms.Gordon’s forces the worst defeat they had ever known.

By midday the parties and their allies had given up the battle and were running home like lost puppies for safety, others fled to Ms.Gordon’s stronghold in the flatlands of Portarlington, twenty miles away.  Mahon intended to stop and celebrate victory but Brian had other ideas!

He complained “my toe will fall off if I don’t get to a doctor quick” Mahon replied, “oh grow up Brian, it was only a stone!”

Our School Tour at Causey Farm
Abbi Stafford

On Wednesday the 8th of June 2011, Mr Finn’s 4th and 5th and Ms Gordon’s 5th and 6th class went to Causey Farm in Co. Meath.

We left the school at 9:30 and got to Causey Farm at about 11:00.  When we got there we got into our old clothes (and boy did we need them!) and went to get lunch.

After lunch, our first stop was an old farmyard where we learned how to play the Bodhrán, then we went around the farm we seen loads of different animals and we seen puppies, they where as cute as a button! We also seen cows, lambs, pigs, sheep, horses, hens, chickens, and turkeys, then we went back and got our big lunch.

After lunch we hopped on a tractor and trailor and headed down to a forest and walked through it until we reached the bog, we done a little obstacle course. When everyone was finished the obstacle course we went bog hopping.

We got back on the tractor and trailor, had a little singsong and headed back to the farm.  We were relieved to be getting out of our mucky clothes.  Our last stop was the gift shop where we stocked up on a few presents.  We then made our way home on the bus, tired but very happy!