LOLO ‘Last Out – Lights Off!

We are now hoping to receive our 2nd Green Flag. This is about saving Energy. A lot of energy is wasted by leaving lights on, having televisions & DVD players on ‘stand-by’ and also by leaving radiators turned on with windows open.

The Green-schools committee, the pupils and teachers sought to change these old habits.

As a result of our Energy campaign, everyone in the school now makes an effort to ensure that windows are doors are kept closed when radiators are on; blinds are pulled down at 3pm; lights are turned off when they are not needed and fully turning off ‘stand-by’ equipment.

A 6th class pupil, pulling down the blinds at 3pm

The classrooms all have thermometers which are carefully monitored to ensure that we are not wasting energy

We are ensuring the doors are kept shut

For our ‘Energy Action Day’, held on Friday 18th February pupils and staff all wore green. Parents were invited into the school to view all the hard work, experiments and projects the children have completed in relation to energy.

5th and 6th class ENERGY project, February 2011

The children experienced a history lesson in itself by witnessing what school is really like without electricity- it was tough but possible!

The members of the green-schools committee also distributed their fridge magnets displaying their energy green code.

Our students ‘switch off’ instead of leaving on stand-by

You can find out more information about the Green-schools programme from the Green Schools Ireland website.