Report 2013-2014

      Parents Association

      End of year report

2013 -2014



Parents Association of Scoil Mhuire Naofa, Rod

New committee formed on 17th November 2014


Chairperson: Josephine Coady


Secretary:       Debbie Gowran 

Assistant Secretary: Louise Quinn

Treasurer:      Caroline Ennis                                    

Assistant Treasurer: Sharon Gorman



Tracey Murphy

Ashling Harte

Denise Murphy

Geraldine Kiernan

Amanda Garry



The Parents Association is where parents of the students attending the school established their own association for Scoil Mhuire Naofa, Rod and it is open to all parents of students of the school.

The idea of our association is to promote the interests of the students of the school with the cooperation of the board of management, our principal Mrs Bray and all of her staff. We try to adopt a programme of different activities with the involvement of all the parents and also in consultation with Mrs. Bray. Our parent’s association works together to build a partnership between home and school.

As our association is a very important part of helping and assisting in Scoil Mhuire Naofa our members are parents of children attending the school. The parent’s made the decision to elect a committee to work on their behalf in the school for each year.

The role of the parents association is to organise as many activities as we can during the year, to fundraise money to go towards various work and activities in the school. We as a committee try to work together with Mrs. Bray, the board of management, the teachers and students for the better outcome of the school.

We try to support the parents and encourage them to be active in all our work in the best interests of the pupils and our school as a whole.

Also as part of been a member of the Parents Association we have formed a sub-committee. A sub-committee is made up of two committee members and also the chairperson. In the past year Mrs. Bray has had various meetings and invited the sub-committee along to take part.

This year the meetings were:

  • School Uniform Survey
  • Parents as Partners Policy
  • School Evaluation Report


We as a group found these meetings very informative. We also try to interact with parents to get their feedback on anything which might concern them.

The parent’s Association values having the sub-committee in place and hopes to have many other meetings with Mrs. Bray which would educate both parties as a group and also the parents of the students.





Our objective each year is to organise as many events as we can with the help of any parents who wish to get involved in our fundraising. Our meetings start off in October of each year.

Our chairperson and secretary put forward an agenda at every meeting and we work from that to the best of our ability. The agenda is essential to ensure a productive meeting is had. The meetings are usually held once a month. We practise on reviewing our work and this helps our committee to be effective as a group in all that we do.

The parents association work together as a team on all decision making and support each other on any tasks that we take on. We always welcome new parents at the beginning of each New Year and we encourage them to get involved.

Over the past year we have organised a number of events. Some of these events were:

  • Supply the refreshments and assistance serving tea and coffee for Grandparents Day which took place in Scoil Mhuire Naofa in September 2013.
  • Fashion Show – In February 2014 we held our own fashion show in the local community centre which proved to be a very successful event.
  • Halloween Cake Sale in the school enjoyed by pupils
  • Christmas Cake Sale after Sunday Mass
  • Christmas Ballad Session

We help with the Communion class celebrations and refreshments and at the 6th class graduation mass we supplied printed T-shirts for each pupil also.

Overall we take part and organise as much as we can and assist Mrs. Bray in supplying refreshments for events such as mentioned above.



As a result of our fundraising we spread the money through the school the best way we can to benefit the school, teachers and pupils. Our fundraising this year has helped to replace some of the blinds in the classrooms which enable the pupils to work better in the class environment.

We pay or contribute towards the cost of buses for the boys and girls on various days out and also supply refreshments at a variety of events that take place throughout the school year.

We manage our funds fairly and evenly to assist anyway we can in the school and as we have seen over the years and before there has been great results which leaves the parents and students very happy and our school a better place to be.




We feel the Parents Association plays a vital part in Scoil Mhuire Naofa, Rod and we all value the work we do on their behalf. We are highly appreciated by Mrs, Bray, her staff, the parents and most importantly the pupils.