Quiz 1

Round 1


  1. How many minutes in ¾ of an hour?

          Answer: 45 minutes


  1. What is the capital city of Germany?

Answer: Berlin


  1. What is the start of a river called beginning with the letter     ‘s’?

Answer: Source


  1. What do you call the farm machine used to make ‘furrows?’ It used to be pulled by horses.

Answer: Plough


  1. What is the name of the flag flown by pirates with a picture of skull and crossbones on it?

          Answer: Jolly Roger


  1. There are three wires in most appliances – earth, live and neutral. What colour is the live wire?

          Answer: Brown



Round 2

  1. Sir Walter Raleigh brought which common vegetable to Ireland that was attacked by blight during the Famine?

Answer: Potato


  1. Which Australian soap opera is set in Summer Bay?

          Answer: Home and Away


  1. Which planet has the same name as the Roman God of the Sea?

          Answer: Neptune


  1. In chess, what direction does the bishop move? Diagonally, vertically or horizontally?

          Answer: Diagonally



  1. Sayonara means Goodbye in what language?

          Answer: Japanese


  1. Which vitamin do we get from the sun?

          Answer: Vitamin D



Round 3


  1. Mickey Mouse’s dog shares his name with a former planet. Name him. (Begins with letter ‘p’)

Answer: Pluto


  1. What enormous structures were used as tombs for pharaohs in Ancient Egypt?

          Answer: Pyramids


  1. Who is the current president of the Irish League of Credit Unions?

          Answer: Brian McCrory


  1. Dublin is built on the Liffey, Cork is on the River Lee. What famous river is London built on?

Answer: Thames


  1. What is the largest county in Ulster?

Answer: Donegal


  1. What do you call an angle that is greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees?

Answer: Obtuse



Round 4


  1. Jim Davis wrote the comic strip Garfield. What kind of animal is Garfield?

          Answer: Cat


  1. What sport is controlled by FIFA?

          Answer: Soccer / Football


  1. Kos and iceberg are types of which vegetable commonly found in salads?

Answer: Lettuce


  1. What creature lives in a set / sett?

Answer: Badger


  1. A General Practitioner is more commonly known as what?

Answer: Doctor / GP


  1. What islands in the Atlantic Ocean share their name with a small yellow bird?

Answer: Canaries





Round 5

  1. What tree produces acorns?

Answer: Oak


  1. If a creature is said to be nocturnal, when is it usually awake?

Answer: Night


  1. The next Olympic Games will be held in Brazil. What year will that be?

Answer: 2016


  1. What small metal instrument would the doctor be using if you went for acupuncture?

Answer: Needle


  1. The dorsal fin of a fish is located where on its body?

Answer: Back


  1. Name the hurricane that hit the city of New York on 2012.

Answer: Sandy



Round 6


  1. What colour do you make if you mix red and blue?

Answer: Purple


  1. Complete this common phrase: Red sky at night, shepherds’ delight. Red sky at night shepherds’ ___________

Answer: Warning


  1. Who discovered Tutankhamen’s Tomb?

Answer: Howard Carter


  1. What is the medical name given to the thigh bone?

Answer: Femur


  1. The Book of Kells can be found at Trinity College, Dublin. What language is it written in?

Answer: Latin


  1. Which county in Ulster is closest to Scotland?

Answer: Antrim



Round 7


  1. What date is April Fool’s Day?

Answer: 1st April


  1. Is a whale a fish or a mammal?

Answer: Mammal


  1. Ms. Trunchbull is the headmistress of a school in which Roald Dahl book?

Answer: Matilda


  1. The Statue of Liberty is in New York. What does she hold in her RIGHT hand?

Answer: Torch / flame


  1. How many holes are there on a full size golf course?

Answer: 18


  1. In the common saying, what ‘p’ comes before a fall?

Answer: Pride


Round 8


  1. Snap, crackle and pop appear on the box of which breakfast cereal?

Answer: Rice Krispies


  1. Do geysers blow hot or cold water from jets in the ground?

Answer: Hot


  1. in the solfa scale, which note is higher – ‘me’ or ‘soh’?

Answer: ‘Soh’


  1. Each year, a credit union holds an A.G.M. at which it reports on the performance of the credit union during the year. At this meeting, credit union members also get the opportunity to elect the Board of Directors. What does A.G.M. stand for?

Answer: Annual General Meeting


  1. Which JOHN invented the television?

Answer: John Logie Baird


  1. Red Admiral, tortoiseshells and Painted Ladies are all types of what?

Answer: Butterfly




Round 9


  1. What is the longest running race in the Olympics called?

Answer: Marathon


  1. What kind of creature is Spongebob’s friend Patrick?

Answer: A starfish


  1. Antarctica covers which of the earth’s poles?

Answer: South


  1. What is Batman’s butler called?

Answer: Alfred


  1. What name is given to a triangle where all of the sides are the same length?

Answer: Equilateral


  1. How many American Presidents are carved in Mount Rushmore?

Answer: Four (Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt,                                          Jefferson)


Round 10

  1. Little Things was a number for which boy band in 2012?

          Answer: One Direction


  1. Using the letters from MAN and SOD, what word is used to describe people who move from place to place to find food?

Answer: Nomad(s)


  1. What animals roars at the start of a film produced by MGM studios?

Answer: Lion


  1. Who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Answer: President of the USA (Obama)


  1. What kind of craft rides on a cushion of air?

Answer: Hovercraft


  1. What does the Geiger counter measure?

Answer: Radiation


Round 11


  1. What famous co-founder of Apple died in 2012?

Answer: Steve Jobs


  1. Apples and oranges have pips. What do peaches and plums have at their centre?

Answer: Stone


  1. With which sport would you associate touch downs and end zones?

Answer: American Football


  1. How many points is ‘Q’ worth on a scrabble board?

Answer: 10


  1. Name the island in San Francisco Bay that used to be a high security prison?

Answer: Alcatraz


  1. Peter Parker, otherwise known as Spiderman, works at the Daily Bugle. What is his job there?

Answer: Photographer



Round 12


  1. Which sport that can be played on grass or clay do you associate the terms deuce and ace?

Answer: Tennis


  1. Jedward is made up of John and Edward. What is their surname?

Answer: Grimes


  1. Who was visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future?

Answer: Ebeneezer Scrooge


  1. The national emblem of Ireland is the shamrock, England is the rose. What is the national emblem of Scotland?

Answer: The thistle


  1. Big Ben is in London. The name Big Ben however does not refer to the tower or the clock. What actually is Big Ben?

Answer: The bell


  1. Beginning and ending with the letter A, what is the loss of memory known as?

Answer: Amnesia


Tiebreakers 1


  1. What number does M represent in Roman numerals?

Answer: 1000


  1. Éamon De Valera, former president of Ireland was born in which city?

Answer: New York


  1. Samedi is the French for which day of the week?

Answer: Saturday


  1. What are incisors, canines, Molars and bicuspids?

Answer: Teeth


  1. In Greek mythology, what type of animal was Pegasus?

Answer: Horse (with wings), a flying horse



Tiebreakers 2


  1. A person of royal or aristocratic birth is said to have what colour blood?

Answer: Blue


  1. What would you expect to find in a ‘vespiary?

Answer: Wasps (wasps’ nest)


  1. What length is the Amazon River?

Answer: 6,400 Km (nearest wins)


  1. In what year did Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone?

Answer: 1876 (nearest wins)


  1. How old was Mother Teresa when she died?

Answer: 87 years old (nearest wins)


  1. What number is between 15 and 17 on a dart board?

Answer: 2 (nearest wins)