Quiz 3


Round 1B


  1. How many minutes are in 2 hours?

Answer: 120 minutes


  1. What fictional character’s nose got longer the more he lied?

Answer: Pinocchio


  1. In Toy Story what kind of doll is Woody?

Answer: Cowboy


  1. What is the profession of the Mario Brothers in the computer game called Super Mario?

Answer: Plumbers


  1. 2 needles are used for knitting, how many are used for crochet?

Answer: 1


  1. Evergreen or coniferous trees do not shed their leaves in winter. What do you call a tree that does?

Answer: Deciduous


Round 2B


  1. Name either of the 2 counties in Ulster that end in ‘agh.’

Answer: Fermanagh or Armagh


  1. How many aces in a deck of cards?

Answer:  4


  1. What is the silent letter in knife?

Answer:  k


  1. What metal is Tutankhamen’s mask made from?

Answer:  Gold


  1. Beginning with ‘t’ what is a young frog called?

Answer:  Tadpole


  1. What musical features the Von Trapp Family?

Answer:  The Sound of Music


Round 3B


  1. How many legs has a quadruped?

Answer: 4


  1. Who is the current president of the Irish League of Credit Unions?

Answer: Brian McCrory


  1. Who painted the Last Supper and the Mona Lisa?

Answer: Leonard Da Vinci


  1. What language was used by the Ancient Romans?

Answer: Latin


  1. What term in bowling refers to knocking down all the pins on the first attempt?

Answer: Strike


  1. The hands and globe logo in the International symbol of the Credit Union Movement, how many people are within the globe?

Answer: 4


Round 4B


  1. What is one quarter as a percentage?

Answer: 25%


  1. What is the largest ocean in the world?

Answer: Pacific


  1. What is 50% of 1000?

Answer: 500


  1. What is the term given to a long period of time where no rain falls, resulting in land and vegetation becoming very dry? Beginning with the letter D.

Answer: Drought


  1. What racecourse is the English Grand National run at?

Answer: Aintree


  1. Name the wizard in the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.

Answer: Gandalph (the grey/white)


Round 5B


  1. What animal is known as the Ship of the Desert?

Answer: Camel


  1. What sport would you associate with McIlroy and Harrington?

Answer: Golf


  1. Name the famous singer who sang the theme song to the latest Bond movie Skyfall. Her albums include 19 and 21.

Answer: Adele


  1. Humans breathe using their lungs. What do fish use to breathe?

Answer: Gills


  1. Spitfires and hurricanes were used during the Battle of Britain. What are they?

Answer: Planes / (fighter) jets


  1. What is a female swan called?

Answer: Pen


Round 6B


  1. What did Jack trade for magic beans?

Answer: The cow


  1. How many letters in the word knowledge?

Answer: 9


  1. What were ships leaving Ireland during the Famine called?

Answer: Coffin ships


  1. Marco Polo was a famous what? Footballer, explorer or chef?

Answer: Explorer


  1. In Boxing, what do the letters K.O. stand for?

Answer: Knock out


  1. What is the capital of Australia?

Answer: Canberra



Round 7B


  1. What colour jersey does the leader of the Tour de France cycling race wear?

Answer: Yellow


  1. Who was the first female President of Ireland?

Answer: Mary Robinson


  1. A tandem is a bicycle designed for how many people?

Answer: 2


  1. What word can mean to give your opinion or a rapid journey?

Answer: Express


  1. What American city is known as the Windy City?

Answer: Chicago


  1. What is the name of the largest airport in London?

Answer: Heathrow


Round 8B


  1. What does the energy that operates solar panels come from?

Answer: The sun


  1. Which fish, that can be electric, spawns in the Sargasso Sea?

Answer: The eel


  1. In Harry Potter, what do wizards call ordinary humans?

Answer: Muggles


  1. Arizona is the home of which canyon in America?

Answer: The Grand Canyon


  1. Do bananas grow in clusters called hands, knees or feet?

Answer: Hands


  1. What element is used in thermometers?

Answer: Mercury



Round 9B


  1. What are the four main points of a compass?

Answer: North, South, East and West


  1. Katie Taylor won gold for Ireland at the Olympics 2012. What town in Wicklow is she from?

Answer: Bray


  1. How many squares on one side of a Rubrik’s cube?

Answer: 9


  1. What flower’s name means ‘the first rose of spring?’

Answer: Primrose


  1. If you suffered from insomnia, what would you have difficulty doing?

Answer: Sleeping


  1. What star sign is represented by the weighing scales?

Answer: Libra


Round 10B


  1. How many queen bees live in a hive?

Answer: One


  1. Napoleon met his end at Waterloo. What was Napoleon’s surname?

Answer: Bonaparte


  1. What is the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief more commonly known as?

Answer: Oxfam


  1. What M is a Muslim house of worship?

Answer: Mosque


  1. Which month literally meansthe seventh month?

Answer: September


  1. What is the writing on the back of a book that tells you a little about the story called?

Answer: Blurb



Round 11B


  1. What part of the eye is another name for a child at school?

Answer: Pupil


  1. Haggis, neeps and tatties is a traditional dish eaten where?

Answer: Scotland


  1. In which continent is Timbuktu?

Answer: Africa (Mali)


  1. Cumulus, Stratus and Cirrus are all types of what?

Answer: Cloud


  1. _________ Rum and ___________ Marauder are two famous racehorses. What word comes before both?

Answer: Red


  1. Stephanie Germanotta is the real name of which female solo artist?

Answer: Lady Gaga



Round 12B


  1. What natural feature occupies approximately a third of Africa?

Answer: Desert


  1. What is the name given to a person whose profession involves climbing roofs and to the top of steeples to carry out repairs?

Answer: Steeplejack


  1. What is a black widow?

Answer: A spider


  1. The flute, piccolo and clarinet are all part of which family of the orchestra?

Answer: Woodwind


  1. A centenary celebrates a hundred years of something. How many years are in a bicentenary?

Answer: 200


  1. What do you call a mythical giant with one eye?

Answer: Cyclops


Tiebreakers 1B


  1. In the wizard of Oz, Dorothy meets cowardly the lion, the tin man and the scarecrow. In which order does she meet them?

Answer: 1st scarecrow, 2nd tin man, 3rd lion


  1. How many states in the United States of America?

Answer: 50 (nearest wins)


  1. What is a penny black?

Answer: A stamp (first stamp ever issued)


  1. What height in metres is Carrauntuohill, the highest mountain in Ireland?

Answer: 1038m (nearest wins)


  1. Through what process is a person made a saint?

Answer: Canonisation


  1. When is R.E.M. or rapid eye movement, said to occur?

Answer: While you are sleeping



Tiebreakers 2B


  1. What does C represent in Roman numerals?

Answer: 100 (nearest wins)


  1. How long is the River Shannon?

Answer: 360Km (nearest wins)


  1. How many wings does a bee have?

Answer: 4 (nearest wins)


  1. What element did Marie Curie discover, named after her native country of Poland?

Answer: Polonium


  1. What is a young pigeon called?

Answer: A squab


  1. How many times would you have to press the number 9 to text the letter ‘y?’

Answer: 3 (nearest wins)