Quiz 4


Round 1C


  1. How many minutes in ¼ of an hour?

Answer: 15 minutes


  1. What letter is silent in the wordhalfmeaning when something is divided into two equal pieces?

Answer: L


  1. How many suits are there in a deck of cards?

Answer: 4


  1. How many players are on a hurling team at throw in?

Answer: 15


  1. Which artist is known for the hit songs ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Bad Romance?’

Answer: Lady Gaga


  1. Traditionally, where did a blacksmith work?

Answer: A forge



Round 2C


  1. On the 24hr clock, what does 17.00 mean? 5am or 5pm?

Answer: 5pm


  1. In the Nursery rhyme, why did Jack and Jill go up the hill?

Answer: to fetch a pail of water


  1. In pool/snooker, what colour is the cue ball?

Answer: White


  1. In what shipyard in Belfast was the Titanic built?

Answer: Harland and Wolff


  1. Wolfgang Amadeus are the first names of which Austrian composer?

Answer: Mozart


  1. Born in Dublin, which international music star features in the credit union television ad?

Answer: Imelda May


Round 3C


  1. What colour is mixed with blue to make green?

Answer: Yellow


  1. How many sides has a parallelogram?

Answer: 4


  1. Who is the current president of the Irish League of Credit Unions?

Answer: Jimmy Johnstone


  1. In the board game Monopoly, how much money is the player given when they pass go?

Answer: 200 euro / 200 pounds


  1. What instrument that may be called grand or baby grand is made by Steinway and Sons?

Answer: (Baby / grand) Piano


  1. Who wrote the popularTwilightsaga, recently made into five movies starring Robert Pattinson?

Answer: Stephanie Meyer



Round 4C


  1. Which planet in our solar system begins with J?

Answer: Jupiter


  1. St. Patrick’s Day is in what month?

Answer: March


  1. In nature what is the tallest living land mammal?

Answer: Giraffe


  1. What ‘g’ is the general name given to those who fought in the Coliseum in Rome?

Answer: Gladiators


  1. Which one-eared artist paintedSunflowersand A Starry Night?

Answer: (Vincent) Van Gogh


  1. The city of Liverpool is located in which river?

Answer: The Mersey


Round 5C


  1. In the Shrek movies, who does Shrek marry?

Answer: Fiona / Princess Fiona


  1. What is the capital city of Portugal?

Answer: Lisbon


  1. Scrum, try and fly-half are all terms associated with which sport?

Answer: Rugby


  1. Who wrote the Hobbit?

Answer: J.R.R. Tolkien


  1. What isVictuallermore commonly known as?

Answer: A Butcher


  1. Beginning with r, what is the common name given to iron-oxide, formed by metal’s reaction with oxygen in the presence of water?

Answer: Rust



Round 6C


  1. In what month is St. Valentine’s Day?

Answer: February


  1. What U.S. city is known asThe Big Apple?

Answer: New York


  1. Who is the manager of Manchester United Football Club?

Answer: Louis Van Gaal


  1. Which European country’s flag is made up of a white cross on a red background?

Answer: Switzerland


  1. How many degrees in a straight angle?

Answer: 180


  1. What is a ‘tap’ known as in the United States?

Answer: A faucet



Round 7C


  1. What is the Roman numeral for 10?

Answer: X


  1. How many horns did the mythical creature – the unicorn, have?

Answer: 1


  1. In the Toy Story movies, what kind of action figure was Buzz Lightyear? A space ranger or an astronaut

Answer: Space Ranger


  1. Air Force One is the aeroplane used by the President of which country?

Answer: U.S.A. (America)


  1. How many Gold Medals did Usain Bolt win at the 2012 Olympic Games in London?

Answer: 3 (100m, 200m, relay)


  1. What is ascorbic acid better known as?

Answer: Vitamin C



Round 8C


  1. What is 50% of 40?

Answer: 20


  1. What is the surname of Irish born X Factor judge Louis?

Answer: Walsh


  1. How many times does the letter ‘s’ appear in the word necessary?

Answer: 2


  1. Name one of Prince Charles’ sons.

Answer: Prince William / Prince Harry


  1. Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata are major cities in which country?

Answer: India


  1. What is a young hare called?

Answer: A leveret



Round 9C


  1. Name the lead character in the Wizard of Oz who wears ruby slippers.

Answer: Dorothy


  1. What company is famous for producing the iPad, iPhone and iPod?

Answer: Apple


  1. Buckingham Palace is located in which city?

Answer: London


  1. In what country is Bastille Day celebrated every July?

Answer: France


  1. The foxtrot, mambo and Charleston are all types of what?

Answer: Dance


  1. What sport takes place in a Vellodrome?

Answer: Cycling



Round 10C


  1. Which female singer is famous for the hitsFight for this love, Heartbreakerand Under the Sun?

Answer: Cheryl Cole


  1. What is the silent letter in the word pneumonia?

Answer: P


  1. How many points is the letter ’x’ worth in scrabble?

Answer: 8


  1. Historically, what ‘b’ was the word used to describe the swapping or trading of gods without using money?

Answer: Barter


  1. Two countries share borders with the USA, one to the North and one to the South. Name one.

Answer: Mexico / Canada


  1. A sonnet is a type of poem. Traditionally, how many lines does a sonnet have?

Answer: 14



Round 11C


  1. Name the Irish band that sangHall of Fameand share their name with what an actor reads his lines from.

Answer: (The) Script


  1. Who wrote the Horrid Henry series of books?

Answer: Francesca Simon


  1. Someone carting a grudge is said to have what on their shoulder?

Answer: A chip


  1. In what organ in your body would you find the cerebellum?

          Answer: The brain


  1. The Irish flag has the same colour as another flag but they are reversed. Name the country.


Answer: Ivory Coast


  1. A cyclone is the word given to a storm that originates over the ocean. What name is given to a storm that originates over land beginning with H?

Answer: Hurricane




Round 12C


  1. The American national holiday Thanksgiving is celebrated during the fourth Thursday of what month?

Answer: November


  1. The eggs of the sturgeon fish are a delicacy. By what name is this dish known?

Answer: Caviar


  1. Name the famous international festival that is held every August in Tralee, Co. Kerry. The winner in 2014 was Maria Walsh.

Answer: Rose of Tralee


  1. Name the bell tower, famed for its unintended tilt to one side, located in Tuscany.

          Answer: Leaning Tower of Pisa


  1. Name the layer of fat found on some mammals that helps them to stay warm. It can also be used to make soap.


Answer: Blubber


  1. The ear is home to which two tiny bones whose names you would associate with a blacksmith?

Answer: Hammer and anvil



Tiebreakers 1C


  1. What word following Iberian, Scandinavian and Arabian is the name of a geological feature commonly seen in Ireland?

Answer: Peninsula


  1. Nuclear or atomic energy is generated from which radioactive, metallic chemical?

Answer: Uranium


  1. How many keys are there on a standard piano?

Answer: 88 (nearest wins)


  1. How many pages in a ream of paper?

          Answer: 500 (nearest wins)


  1. What is a young rabbit known as?

Answer: A kitten / kit


  1. What part of your body is affected if you have bronchitis?

Answer: Lungs



Tiebreakers 2C


  1. How long is the Parisian river, the Seine?

Answer: 776 Km (nearest wins)


  1. How many wives had Henry the 8th?

Answer: 6 (nearest wins)


  1. What is a young alligator called?

Answer: A hatchling


  1. What is your patella more commonly known as?

          Answer: Kneecap


  1. In Km, how far is the moon from the Earth?

Answer: 384,400 Km (nearest wins)


  1. In Voltaire’s poem, who was known as the Maid of Orleans? She was later burned at the stake.

Answer: Joan of Arc