Quiz 9


Round 1


  1. What one word means (a) a financial institution in which a person can save or borrow money (b) the side of a river (c) a place where donated blood is kept?

          Answer: Bank


  1. According to the proverb, what liquid is thicker than water?

Answer: Blood


  1. The Chinese celebrated their New Year on January 23rd 2012. It is the year of which animal.

Answer: Dragon


  1. Surname Contostavios, what is the first name of the X-Factor judge in the 2011 UK series?

Answer: Tulisa


  1. What is the surname of the person who discovered the Universal Law of Gravitation in 1687?

          Answer: Newton


  1. Four states of the United States of America begin with the letter ‘A’. Name one of them.

          Answer: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas



Round 2

  1. What one word means (a) a pitched sound in music (b) a short letter?

Answer: Note


  1. A group of birds and a group of sheep share a name. What is it?

          Answer: Flock


  1. What magical creature is released from a magical lamp in Aladdin?

          Answer: Genie


  1. Which of the following sports uses a mallet (a) snooker (b) lacrosse (c) croquet?

          Answer: Croquet



  1. What kind of weapon was Glamdring in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. It glowed blue whenever Orcs were nearby?

          Answer: Sword


  1. Which was the first nation to give women the vote (a) U.S.A. (b) Canada (c) U.K. (d) New Zealand?

          Answer: New Zealand 1893



Round 3


  1. What is 25% of 20?

Answer: 5


  1. The numbers 5, 10, 15 and 20 are all answers in what times table?

          Answer: 5


  1. What is 20 divided by 2.5?

          Answer: 8


  1. A rectangle has a perimeter of 34 metres. If two sides of the rectangle are each 9 metres long, what length in metres is each of the other two sides?

Answer: 8 metres


  1. A square has a perimeter of 28 metres. What length in metres is each side?

Answer: 7 metres


  1. In how many E.U. countries is the Euro the official currency?

Answer: 19



Round 4


  1. How many actors speak in a monologue?

          Answer: One


  1. Which part of your body has a tympanic membrane commonly called a drum?

          Answer: Ear


  1. Which brass instrument has a telescopic slide used by the player to vary the length of the tube in order to change pitch?

Answer: Trombone


  1. In which of the following sports do horses not take part: (a) Dressage, (b) Polo (c) Shinty?

Answer: Shinty


  1. Pasta farfalle is shaped like which winged creature and named after it?

Answer: Butterfly (Farfall is Italian for butterfly)


  1. Its subtitle is “A Children’s Story in Five Nights.” What was the main title of the 1968 novel by Ted Hughes? Three words in the answer. First word ‘The.’

Answer: The Iron Man





Round 5

  1. What name is given to the small wooden or plastic stand from which a golf ball is driven?

Answer: Tee


  1. How many minutes between quarter past eight and five past nine?

Answer: Fifty


  1. Which gas do you breathe out (a) oxygen (b) carbon dioxide?

Answer: (b) Carbon Dioxide


  1. What is the American Football equivalent of a try in Rugby?

Answer: Touchdown


  1. What is the largest country in South America?

Answer: Brazil


  1. The Dauphin was the title given to the heir apparent of which European monarchy?

Answer: France



Round 6


  1. How many noughts (zeros) in ten million?

Answer: Seven


  1. In which sport would you do butterfly, breast stroke or crawl?

Answer: Swimming


  1. What is the national plant of Scotland?

Answer: Thistle


  1. Is an alloy a pure metal or a mixture of metals?

Answer: Mixture


  1. Which U.S. President was forced to resign in 1974 because of the Watergate scandal?

Answer: Richard Nixon


  1. Many Credit Unions have run a campaign at Christmas time called Let Santa be the only one in the red. This was to encourage people not to get into debt at Christmas time. However, what colour is associated with someone who is in credit or has a positive income? Tip – it’s the opposite of being in the red

Answer: Black (In the black)



Round 7


  1. How many days in February 2012?

Answer: 29


  1. In a manual car what pedal do you depress to change gears?

Answer: Clutch


  1. What number do you press on a mobile phone to text T, U or V?

Answer: 8


  1. In which book by Jonathan Swift will you find the kingdom of Brobdingnag?

Answer: Gulliver’s Travels


  1. What are a clove-hitch, a bowline and a sheet-bend?

Answer: Knots


  1. Who is the current President of the Irish League of Credit Unions?

Answer: Martin Sisk


Round 8


  1. What kind of creature is Peter in the Beatrix Potter stories?

Answer: Rabbit


  1. According to the proverb, what makes the heart grow fonder?

Answer: Absence


  1. How many members are in the British / Irish boyband One Direction?

Answer: 5


  1. Which of these foods is not a carbohydrate (a) Pasta (b) Porridge (c) Eggs (d) Bread

Answer: (c) Eggs (Protein)


  1. Which figure from a Hans Christian Anderson fairy story is sited in Copenhagen Harbour?

Answer: Little Mermaid


  1. The Penny Black was the first ….. what in the world?

Answer: Postage Stamp




Round 9


  1. What type of creature is Gary in SpongeBob Square pants?

Answer: Sea snail


  1. What dwarf character, in a Grimm Brothers’ Fairytale, could spin straw into gold?

Answer: Rumpelstiltskin


  1. Who in the Bible led the Israelites out of captivity in Egypt?

Answer: Moses


  1. What four letter word can come before ache, light and phones?

Answer: Head


  1. What was Princess Diana’s surname before she married Prince Charles?

Answer: Spencer


  1. The Crucible Theatre in Sheffield is home to the World Championships in which sport?

Answer: Snooker


Round 10

  1. In which city is the Louvre?

          Answer: Paris


  1. What are you doing if you are performing the Waltz and the Foxtrot?

Answer: Dancing


  1. What name is given to a young female horse too young to be called a mare, ends with the letter ‘y’?

Answer: Filly


  1. Which of these shapes is not a polygon (a) triangle (b) pentagon (c) tetrahedron or (d) square?

Answer: Tetrahedron


  1. What did Edmund Halley have named after him?

Answer: Comet


  1. What river flows through Brussels?

Answer: Senne (French) or Zenne (Dutch)


Round 11


  1. What creatures are the main protagonists in the American/Australian computer animated film Happy Feet?

Answer: Penguins


  1. How many faces has a cube?

Answer: 6


  1. What name is given to the ‘Second Upper Incisors’ in elephants?

Answer: Tusks


  1. What does a Fletcher make, starting with the letter ‘A’?

Answer: Arrows


  1. What Scandinavian country’s longest and deepest fjord is the Sognafjorden?

Answer: Norway


  1. Cirrhosis is a disease of which large internal organ of the human body?

Answer: Liver



Round 12


  1. The Americans call this fuel gasoline or gas, what is it called in Ireland?

Answer: Petrol


  1. What kind of machine or vehicle is Travis in Bob the Builder TV cartoon series?

Answer: Tractor


  1. What African native tribe is the last letter in the International Radio Operators phonetic alphabet?

Answer: Zulu


  1. Which Greek hero of the Trojan war was vulnerable only in one part of his body – his heel?

Answer: Achilles


  1. In computing terms 1024 megabytes is equal to one what?

Answer: Gigabyte (G.B. or Gig)


  1. Juan Carlos I was the reigning monarch of which country in the Iberian Peninsula from 1975 to 2014?

Answer: Spain


Tiebreakers 1


  1. Which layer of the earth’s atmosphere lies between the troposphere and the mesosphere?

Answer: Stratosphere


  1. The Top Level Internet Domain for which European country is .se (dot se)?

Answer: Sweden


  1. What astrological chart gets its name from an ancient Greek word meaning ‘a circle of animals?’

Answer: Zodiac


  1. What element, last two letters U M, did Pierre and Marie Curie discover in 1896?

Answer: Radium


  1. The adjective piscine relates to what kind of creature?

Answer: Fish


  1. What is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet?

Answer: Delta



Tiebreakers 2


  1. What is the surname of the second man to set foot on the moon?

Answer: Aldrin (First name Buzz)


  1. The femur or thighbone is the largest bone in the human body. What is the second largest?

Answer: Tibia or shinbone


  1. What was the name of the network by which slaves escaped from the southern slave-owning states to the Northern states of the USA and Canada. It was at its height between 1850 and 1860. Two word answer.

Answer: Underground Railroad


  1. What country is home to more venomous snakes than any other country in the world?

Answer: Australia


  1. What ‘C’ is an alternative name for a butterfly’s pupa?

Answer: Chrysalis


  1. Which four legged dinosaur was a herbivore, had 17 bony plates running along its backbone and had a brain the size of a walnut.

Answer: Stegosaurus